Oleo-mac...Now being Distributed in the North of Ireland

2017...A new year and exciting news for Oleo-mac.. We are delighted to announce that the Oleo-mac Brand which is entering into its 30th year of Distribution in the ROI is now available on the market in the North of Ireland distributed by Camsaw Distributors Ltd.

The Oleo-mac Brand which is produced in Italy is a leading player in the global production and distribution of machines, components and accessories for gardening, forestry, agriculture and industry. A thorough on-going process of product development implemented by Oleo-Mac has resulted in a truly comprehensive, constantly updated range of machines capable of responding to the needs of users at every level, from leisure gardeners to estate and park groundsmen. Products differ according to the use for which they are designed, but all feature the same high standards of quality in terms of performance, reliability, comfort and safety

We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome on board our new Sales Executive Mark Mallon who's knowledge and experience in the industry along with his dedication to the Oleo-mac Brand is a huge step forward for the company.

[caption id="attachment_316" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Sales Executive - NI[/caption]

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