It's time to get out in your garden!

Lovely GardensIt is that time of the year again folks! Grass needs to be cut and your garden is crying out for some TLC! Weibang lawnmowers will make your gardening both fun & easy! All models you see featured on our brand new website are available in stockists nationwide. For 2014 we have introduced a brand new range, the WB536SKV 3 in 1 Pro and the WB536SK ALV Pro BBC. These models are ideal if perfect cutting results are required quickly and efficiently. This professional range has a 53cm cutting width and a large capacity grass bag of 70L. Ideal for the demanding professional or home user.

So, what should you look out for in choosing your ideal lawnmower?

Keep in mind the size of your lawn. A small flat lawn will be just fine with a push mower. Our Weibang steel deck range of lawnmowers are are great option here.

If you are looking for something with slightly more capability check out our alloy deck range.

Lawns of more than 15,000 sq feet should consider a ride on mower.

If your grass-cutting excursions are 45 minutes to an hour each time, then the mower will likely last about eight years. After that, it's probably time to consider replacing it.

Buy a second set of blades for your mower. That way while one set is on the mower, you can get the other set sharpened. Your grass will love the sharp cut.

Think of your lawnmower as an investment. You are better to spend a little extra on a brand you trust and that will last you longer.

The Camsaw Team.